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Bankruptcy Law

Introduction to Bankruptcy Law and Overview of Options forMozambique This paper discusses the potential benefits of using improved bankruptcy procedures to resolve company indebtedness in Mozambique and how this might be accomplished over the next several years. Section I discusses the benefits of an efficient bankruptcy system by depicting how bankruptcy cases would progress after reforms are enacted. …

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Microfinance in Mozambique

1.1 Introduction This study is in part a symbolic tribute celebrating the United Nations International Year of Microcredit 2005 – but it goes well beyond that intent. The report spans more than a decade of microfinanceactivity in Mozambique and, evolving from what some felt to be an “experimental curiosity”, it seemed that this global celebration of microfinance …

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Impact of exchange rate fluctuations on the economy of Mozambique

1.0 Introduction The exchange rate is a central price in the economy of Mozambique.It is a key variable in establishing the domestic price level. It is the principal equilibrating variable in the country‘s international trade and payments. And, ultimately, it is a major facilitating variable in determining the rate and pattern of economic growth. To underscore the importance …

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