Confederação das Associações Económicas de Moçambique

Establishment and Maintenance of Fruit Flies Pest Free Areas of Production in Mozambique 2009

1. Introduction

Fruit flies of the family Tephritidae are among the most injurious pests of fruits and vegetables in the world. The presence of species of the family Tephritidae not only has a negative impact on economy of infested countries, but also has implication on the international trade due to the restrictions imposed by the importing countries on the export of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Fruit flies of the genus Bactrocera cause economic losses from direct fruit damage as well as from quarantine regulations that restrict the movement of fruits and vegetables from infested areas. Fruit flies of quarantine concern constitute an important barrier to the export of fresh fruits and vegetables host products, thereby limiting the trade potential of fruit and vegetable producing countries.

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