Confederação das Associações Económicas de Moçambique

Land tenure services 2006


The goal of the Land Tenure Services component is to improve land access by producers and investors through a more transparent and efficient land rights allocation process and to develop a more robust and sustainable approach in Mozambique to removing land tenurerelated constraints to private investment and to participation of the poor in economic growth.
The objective of the present assessment is to design a program that will address:

  •  regulatory issues related to the certitude and security of land rights (in particular

formal mechanisms to transmit rights in land, land use regulations and taxation
issues and methods available to resolve conflicting land claims and disputes)

  •  improvements in the capacity of the land administration services in the northern

provinces (reducing difficulties in gaining access to information and data, allowing
better service in meeting client information needs for decision making, reducing
unnecessary expenses resulting from duplication of effort, time and resources and
making land access by producers and investors a more transparent and efficient

  • a sound land tenure administration process, in priority areas, which safeguards and

strengthens the land rights of both private investors and local communities.

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