Confederação das Associações Económicas de Moçambique

Memorandum on Action Plan for CNELEC Operations in Mozambique

1. Scope of Work

The objective of this assignment was to provide advice to the Minister of Energy in
Mozambique in the creation of a feasible and credible action plan to make the advisory
electricity regulatory body, CNELEC, operational. To accomplish this objective, the
scope of work lists the following set of activities:

1. Travel to Mozambique for a period of two weeks to assess the sector; meet with
the Minister, other stakeholders, and key donors;

2. The contractor shall provide independent, expert advice on short term
operational steps to help CNELEC transform itself into a strong advisory body;

3. This expert advice will be delivered through a combination of face-to-face
meetings, telephone exchanges and mail messages. It is expected that the
consultant, in this initial phase, will develop a sensible plan for meeting the
Minister’s technical assistance needs.

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